About Brown's Shoe Fit

Our goal is to keep your feet feeling great.

We’ve been fitting people like you with comfortable footwear for over 100 years. In our store you’ll find high quality footwear from the best brands that will be good to your feet so you look and feel great.

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We Know Feet

At Brown’s, we know feet. Our expert staff will measure your feet to ensure a proper, comfortable fit. With a broad range of widths and sizes, we can serve even hard-to-fit customers. We also understand most common foot ailments, such as plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, bunions, diabetic feet, over pronation, and just plain tired feet! We’ll help you find the right shoes to make your feet happy.

Locally Owned

Each store is locally owned and tailored to the needs of the area it serves. Your store manager is invested in your local store and is an active member of your business and social community. Brown’s has stores in 12 midwestern states, but we’re not just multiple copies of one store. Your store is stocked with footwear and accessories you and your neighbors are looking for.

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The Right Fit

Come see us for the right fit. Shoe sizes are not created equally. One size will not fit the same from one shoe to another, or from one brand to another. You’ll even find different fits in the same brand of shoe. Our suggestion: Don’t focus on the size, focus on the fit. Get the shoe that feels the best. You don’t want shoes so tight that they cramp your feet or so loose that your feet aren’t supported.

No Guessing

There’s no guessing when you come see us for your shoes. You’ll see and walk in the actual shoes so you know how they look and feel. You won’t have to wait for a shipment or send anything back. You can walk right out the door in your new shoes!

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